Meet AlignUs

At AlignUs, we believe in a world where giving is fun, easy and rewarding for everyone!

AlignUs is a social impact platform that combines charitable giving, personal growth, and wellness. Through mindfulness practices, fitness challenges, and a supportive healthy lifestyle community, AlignUs offers tools to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and enhance emotional balance, fostering a healthier and more resilient you. The AlignUs mobile application will be released in Fall of 2024! Join our mailing list to receive updates, podcast episode launches, and more!

Fitness Competitions

Dive into the heart of competition with a twist of altruism on our Fitness Challenge Platform. Our app, a premier Fitness Challenge Platform, introduces weekly exercise competitions that are not just about pushing physical boundaries but also about nurturing a spirit of community and support. At AlignUs, fitness is more than a routine; it’s a shared journey towards creating lasting impacts in underserved communities through our innovative fitness challenge platform.

Our Mission

AlignUs’ mission is to inspire a world of wellness and philanthropy through connection, compassion and competition.

AlignUs is more than just a positive social media platform, it’s a healthy lifestyle community that empowers and inspires the collective members to achieve sustained emotional fulfillment through self-realization and altruism in helping create a more connected and harmonious world.

At the core of AlignUs lies our unwavering commitment to fostering a platform for social impact. We’re a vibrant community driven by the desire to create positive change in the world. Through our innovative app launching this year, AlignUs is setting the stage as a leading platform for social impact, inviting individuals to embark on a transformative journey. By integrating mindfulness, self-awareness, and compassion into every interaction on our platform for social impact, we’re building a collective force for good. 

Align with Us

Partnering with AlignUs provides your charity a digital philanthropy platform to engage with a diverse and socially conscious community.

AlignUs reimagines the essence of giving on their new leading digital philanthropy platform. As a digital philanthropy platform, AlignUs makes it easy, fun, and rewarding to contribute to causes that matter. We believe in the power of collective action; our app, a hallmark of digital philanthropy platforms, seamlessly integrates charitable giving with daily activities, turning every step, breath and heartbeat into a gesture of generosity. By marrying technology with the spirit of giving, AlignUs, a digital philanthropy platform, creates sustained personal and mental well-being. Here, every interaction on our digital philanthropy platform is an opportunity to give back, ensuring that the benefits of your wellness journey extend far beyond the self, reaching those who need it most. 

AlignUs offers a creative and interactive way for charities to raise funds through community fitness challenges on our AlignUs Mobile Application. Your cause gains exposure to AlignUs users who are eager to support impactful initiatives, expanding your reach, and attracting new supporters.

Our Podcast

Officially Launched!

The AlignUs podcast is a transformative journey that explores personal growth, mental well-being, the power of human connection and being of service. Each episode features insightful conversations with experts, inspiring stories of resilience and practical strategies to empower listeners in their pursuit of wellness and altruism. Join us on this engaging and uplifting podcast as we navigate the path towards self-realization, compassion and making a positive impact in the world.

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Our Founder

Dr. Nikhil Sharma, who experienced personal loss and hardship, was inspired by his parent’s legacy of giving back to underprivileged communities.

He created a social impact platform that combines exercise challenges with charitable donations, encouraging mindfulness, and self-care while making a positive impact on the world.

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